Uttara Devi Intercity Express Train

Uttara Devi Intercity Express Train

Uttara Devi (උත්තර දේවී) Intercity-Express train runs daily between Colombo Fort railway station and Kankesanthurai railway station.

General Information

Train nameUttara Devi (උත්තර දේවී)
Train number4017 (Colombo to Kankesanthurai)
4018 (Kankesanthurai to Colombo)
Train typeIntercity Express
Number of stops22
Journey duration6 hours 57 mins
Available classes1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class

Train Timetable from Colombo to Kankesanthurai

Train NoDeparture from ColomboReaching KanesanthuraiFrequency

Train Timetable from Kankesanthurai to Colombo

Train NoDeparture from Kanesanthurai Reaching ColomboFrequency

Colombo to Kankesanthurai Train Stops

StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStop Time
Colombo Fort11:50
Gampaha12:1912:201 minute
Polgahawela13:0113:021 minute
Kurunegala13:2913:301 minute
Maho14:1414:162 minutes
Galgamuwa14:3914:401 minute
Anuradhapura15:2915:356 minutes
Medawachchiya16:0116:021 minute
Vavuniya16:2316:252 minutes
Mankulam16:5917:001 minute
Kilinochchi17:2317:241 minute
Pallai17:4717:481 minute
Kodikamam17:5817:591 minute
Jaffna18:1518:183 minutes
Kokuvil18:2118:221 minute
Kondavil18:2418:306 minutes
Inuvil18:3218:331 minute
Chunnakam18:3518:361 minute
Mallakam18:3818:391 minute
Tellipallai18:4118:421 minute
Mavittapuram18:4418:451 minute

Kankesanthurai to Colombo Train Stops

StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStop Time
Mavittapuram05:3205:331 minute
Tellipallai05:3505:361 minute
Mallakam05:3805:391 minute
Chunnakam05:4205:442 minutes
Inuvil05:4605:471 minute
Kondavil05:4905:501 minute
Kokuvil05:5205:531 minute
Jaffna05:5606:1014 minutes
Navatkuli06:1506:161 minute
Chavakachcheri06:2106:221 minute
Kodikamam06:2706:281 minute
Pallai06:3806:391 minute
Kilinochchi07:0307:052 minutes
Mankulam07:2907:301 minute
Vavuniya08:0708:103 minutes
Medawachchi08:3508:372 minutes
Anuradhapura09:0209:1513 minutes
Galgamuwa10:0710:081 minute
Maho10:3010:322 minutes
Kurunegala11:1011:2010 minute
Polgahawela11:3611:393 minute
Gampaha12:2912:312 minute


Cover photo from Damith Herath

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