India to Provide Decommissioned Train Engines to Sri Lanka

India to Provide Decommissioned Train Engines to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Railways has recently announced that India would provide Sri Lanka with 20 decommissioned locomotives and 3 more locomotives for spare parts. These locomotives worth LKR 16 billion will be provided to Sri Lanka as a grant and are expected to arrive in February 2024.

While the deal was originally announced in September 2023, it has only now been confirmed after Sri Lanka’s Department of Railways sent over a team of experts to assess the vehicles and decide whether they would be appropriate for the country’s rail network.

This move comes in the backdrop of India’s gradual transition towards electric train operations, leaving a surplus of diesel engines that are still functional and can be put to good use by other countries.

What are the types of locomotives to receive from India?

The technical team from Sri Lanka Railways will most likely pick WDM3D, WDG3A, and WDM3A locomotives.

India's WDM3D Locomotive

Read more:

Indian locomotive class WDG-2/3A - Wikipedia

India’s Transition to Electric Trains

"India’s decision to decommission diesel train engines and move towards electric train operations is part of the country’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change. Electric trains are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than their diesel counterparts. They also offer several other advantages such as quieter operation and lower maintenance costs. By providing decommissioned diesel engines to Sri Lanka, India ensures these machines continue their useful life, reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy." -

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