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Why Sri Lanka Railway Forum?

Sri Lanka Railway Forum started as a Twitter community back in 2014. After several requests received from our community, we launched our Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube account and website to become Sri Lanka's first online network dedicated to Sri Lanka Railways.


We have many active visitors from all over the world and  majority of our visitors are from Sri Lanka. Our audience is 100% organic.

Travelers and people who are interested in Sri Lanka Railways often browse our social media accounts and the website.


  • Website - 13K average organic visitors per month - Jan 2021 to Nov 2021 (low traffic due to Corona, we had around 25K monthly organic visitors on average before 2020)
  • Facebook - 5.8K organic follows
  • Twitter - 9K organic followers
  • Instagram - 8.9K organic followers
  • YouTube - 500 subscribers
  • Web push - 600 subscribers (OneSignal)

Last updated: 2021/11/08


Sponsored or branded content on website

  • Travel - Publish trip reports
    • Promote your hotel on trip reports (Eg: Colombo - Galle by train)
  • Business - Publish news
    • Reach more people by publishing news articles on our website
  • Property - Create a dedicated page for your hotel, villa or restaurant
    • Your page will include details about your property, contact information, online booking links, image gallery, video, and rating widget

Banner advertising on website

  • Advertise on "Railway Station" pages
    • Place your banner below the featured image of the page

Social media

  • Sponsored posts/campaigns on Facebook Twitter, and Instagram

Get in Touch

Contact us from here or reach us at for more details ✌️

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