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Galu Kumari Express Train

Galu Kumari (ගාලු කුමාරි) express train runs between Maradana railway station and Beliatta railway station.

General Information

Train nameGalu Kumari (ගාලු කුමාරි)
Train number8057 (Beliatta to Maradana)
8056 (Maradana to Beliatta)
Train typeExpress – long distance
Number of stops(Information needed)
Journey duration4 hours 18 mins
Available classes1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class
Frequency8057 Monday to Friday and Sunday
8056 Daily

Train Timetable from Beliatta to Maradana

Train NoDeparture from BeliattaReaching MaradanaFrequency
805705:2009:38Monday to Friday and Sunday

Train Timetable from Maradana to Beliatta

Train NoDeparture from MaradanaReaching BeliattaFrequency

Galu Kumari express train upgraded from Class S12 to Class S13 powerset on August 1st, 2019.

With the upgrade, Galu Kumari train includes,

  • 2 air-conditioned 1st class compartments (Available for booking)
  • 2 second-class compartments
  • 7 third-class compartments

1st Class Ticket Prices

Maradana to GalleLKR 600.00
Maradana to Matara and BeliattaLKR 1000.00
Galle to Matara and BeliattaLKR 500.00


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