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Beliatta Railway Station

Beliatta Railway Station sits on the end of recently built Matara – Beliatta Railway Line.

Contact Information

General Contact Number+94 47 3 128188   

Additional Information

Station NameBeliatta
Track Number
Station CodeBEL
Distance from Colombo Fort185.17 KM
Height Above Mean Sea Level28.69 Meters

Train Timetable from Beliatta to Colombo

Train NoDeparture from BeliattaDestination Frequency
8055 Southern Express02:15Maradana – 05:10Daily
8097 Sagarika04:30Maradana – 08:23Weekdays Only
8057 Galu Kumari05:20Maradana – 09:32Weekdays and Sunday Only
8093 Express Train05:5009:20Saturday Only
8085 Rajarata Rejini09:05Colombo Fort – 13:15 Daily
Weekend Express*15:30MaradanaWeekends and Holidays Only

*We will add more information about “Weekend Special” train soon.

Train Timetable from Colombo to Beliatta

Train NoStarting from Colombo FortReaching BeliattaFrequency
Weekend Express*Maradana – 05:5509:20Weekends and Holidays Only
8086 Rajarata Rejini10:3014:35Daily
8056 Galu Kumari14:2517:55Daily
8054 Southern ExpressMaradana – 15:0018:05Daily
8096 Sagarika16:4620:04Weekdays Only
809416:2519:56Sunday Only
876617:5522:15Weekdays Only

*We will add more information about “Weekend Special” train soon.

Ticket Prices from Maradana to Beliatta

ClassPrice (LKR)
1st Class480.00
2nd Class270.00
3rd Class145.00

Train Timetable from Beliatta to Matara

Train NoDeparture from BeliattaReaching MataraLast StationFrequency
8097 Sagarika04:3004:57MaradanaWeekdays only
8057 Galu Kumari05:2006:00MaradanaWeekdays and Sunday Only
8093 Weekend Special05:506:17JaffnaSaturday Only
06:3007:06GalleWeekdays Only
06:4507:19MaradanaSunday Only
8085 Rajarata Rejini09:0509:36VavuniyaDaily
8051A Local Train12:5013:35MataraDaily
15:3015:57MaradanaWeekends and Holidays Only
8377 Local Train16:2517:00MataraDaily

Train Timetable from Matara to Beliatta

Train NoDeparture from MataraReaching BeliattaStart StationFrequency
8715 Local Train07:3008:05MataraWeekdays Only
8715 Local Train07:5008:25MataraWeekends and Holidays Only
08:5009:20MaradanaWeekends and Holidays Only
8086 Rajarata Rejini14:0014:35VavuniyaDaily
8056 Galu Kumari17:4818:25MaradanaDaily
8094 Weekend Special19:2019:49JaffnaSunday Only
8096 Sagarika19:3520:05MaradanaWeekdays Only
21:0621:40MaradanaSaturday Only
876621:3822:15MaradanaWeekdays Only

Ticket Prices from Beliatta to Matara

ClassPrice (LKR)
1st Class100.00
2nd Class50.00
3rd Class25.00


Beliatta Railway Station opening ceremony photos from Wohara De Cruzz


Where to Stay in Beliatta?

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