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Badulla Night Mail Train

Badulla Night Mail Train (බදුල්ල රාත්‍රී තැපැල් දුම්රිය) runs between Colombo and Badulla railway stations.

New schedule starts from 24th of February 2020

General Information

Train name Badulla Night Mail (බදුල්ල රාත්‍රී තැපැල් )
Train number1045 (Colombo to Badulla)
1046 (Badulla to Colombo)
Train typeNight Mail
Number of stops35
Journey durationTo Badulla: 11 hours and 19 minutes
To Colombo: 11 hours and 42 minutes
Available classesTBA
TicketsNormal tickets
Booking available

Train Timetable from Colombo to Badulla

Train NoDeparture from Colombo FortReaching BadullaTrain Stops
104520:3007:49Click here

Train Timetable from Kandy to Colombo

Train NoDeparture from BadullaReaching Colombo FortTrain Stops
104617:5005:22Click here

Colombo Fort to Badulla Train Stops

StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStop Time
Colombo Fort-20:30-
Ragama20:5320:552 minutes
Gampaha21:0721:081 minute
Veyangoda21:1821:213 minutes
Polgahawela21:5621:582 minutes
Rambukkana22:1122:165 minutes
Kadugannawa23:0223:064 minutes
Peradeniya23:2323:3815 minutes
Gampola23:5600:0610 minutes
Ulapane00:2100:221 minute
Nawalapitiya00:2600:4115 minutes
Inguru oya00:5600:571 minute
Galboda01:1201:131 minute
Watawala01:3301:341 minute
Rozella01:5001:511 minute
Hatton02:0802:112 minutes
Kotagala02:2402:251 minute
Talawakele02:4102:431 minute
Watagoda03:0103:021 minute
Great Western03:1603:171 minute
Nanu oya03:3603:426 minutes
Perakumpura03:5303:541 minute
Ambewela04:1504:161 minute
Pattipola04:2504:3510 minutes
Ohiya04:5004:511 minute
Idalgashinna05:1105:121 minute
Haputale05:2805:302 minutes
Diyatalawa05:4505:461 minute
Bandarawela06:0106:043 minutes
Kinigama06:1006:111 minute
Heel oya06:1906:201 minute
Kithal Ella06:2806:291 minute
Ella06:3506:426 minutes
Demodara06:5706:581 minute
Uduwara07:1207:131 minute
Hali Ela07:2207:3515 minutes

Badulla to Colombo Fort Train Stops

StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeStop Time
Hali Ela18:0618:082 minutes
Uduwara18:1818:191 minute
Demodara18:3418:373 minutes
Ella18:5318:552 minutes
Kithal Ella19:0019:011 minute
Heel Oya19:1019:122 minutes
Kinigama19:2119:221 minute
Bandarawela19:2919:367 minutes
Diyatalawa19:5219:575 minutes
Haputale20:1020:166 minutes
Idalgashinna20:3320:352 minutes
Ohiya20:5721:003 minutes
Pattipola21:1721:2710 minutes
Ambewela21:3621:382 minutes
Perakumpura21:5922:001 minute
Nanu Oya22:1022:177 minutes
Great Western22:3522:361 minutes
Talawakele23:0723:092 minutes
Kotagala23:2623:271 minute
Hatton23:4123:432 minutes
Rozella23:5900:001 minute
Watawala00:1600:171 minute
Galboda00:3700:381 minute
Inguru Oya00:5201:008 minutes
Nawalapitiya01:1501:2510 minutes
Ulapane01:4001:411 minute
Gampola01:5501:561 minute
Peradeniya02:1402:2713 minutes
Kadugannawa02:4402:451 minute
Rambukkana03:3003:344 minutes
Polgahawela03:4603:504 minutes
Veyangoda04:2504:272 minutes
Gampaha04:3704:381 minute
Ragama04:5004:544 minutes
Maradana05:1205:175 minutes
Colombo Fort05:22--

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