Trains Running During Christmas Weekend 2020

Trains Running During Christmas Weekend 2020

Sri Lanka Railways will operate below trains during Christmas Weekend on 25th, 26th, 27th and 29th of December 2020.

Puttalam Line

Train NoTrain TypeTimeJourney
3422Slow16:45Colombo Fort to Chilaw
3427Slow18:05Colombo Fort to Chilaw
3803Slow04:50Chilaw to Colombo Fort
3810Slow05:50Chilaw to Colombo Fort

Coastal Line

Train NoTrain TypeTimeJourney
8096(Sagarika) – Express16:45Colombo Fort to Beliatta
8760(Samudra Devi) – Slow17:30Colombo Fort to Galle
8097(Sagarika) – Express05:30Beliatta to Colombo Fort
8327(Samudra Devi) – Slow05:00Galle to Colombo Fort

Kelani Valley Line

Train NoTrain TypeTimeJourney
9263Slow16:35Colombo Fort to Avissawella
9649Slow05:30Avissawella to Colombo Fort

Northern/Main Line

Train NoTrain TypeTimeJourney
1151Slow13:25Colombo Fort to Rambukkana
1173Slow16:25Colombo Fort to Polgahawela
1164Slow16:50Colombo Fort to Rambukkana
1039Express17:45Colombo Fort to Kandy
4470Slow18:00Colombo Fort to Maho
4857Express04:45Maho to Colombo Fort
1040Express05:00Kandy to Colombo Fort
1526Slow05:25Polgahawela to Colombo Fort
1531Slow05:57Rambukkana to Colombo Fort
1581Slow16:25Rambukkana to Colombo Fort

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