The Seethawaka Odyssey Train

The Seethawaka Odyssey Train

Seethawaka Odyssey train is the latest addition to tourist train services of Sri Lanka Railways. The train operates from Colombo Fort to Waga on the Kelani Valley line.

Kindly note that the train service will operate from 29th of January.

(Last updated: 2023/01/17)

General Information

Train name Seethawaka Odyssey Train
Train number -
Train type Weekend Special
Number of stops -
Journey duration -
Available classes 1st Class A/C, 2nd Class, 3rd Class
Frequency Sunday Only
Status Will start from 29th January, 2023
Tickets Reservation only
Powerset Class S12

Ticket prices

First Class - Rs 500

Second Class - Rs 300

Third Class - Rs 200

Ticket booking

Not available online for now. Can be booked by visiting a railway station.


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