Celebrating the Independence Day with Sri Lanka Railway

Celebrating the Independence Day with Sri Lanka Railway

The Sri Lankan Railway together with the mighty help of patriotic Sri Lankan citizens from different corners of the island put forth their selfless effort at ensuring that the 75th Independence day of Sri Lanka was celebrated in style. Celebrating by organizing charity events is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need. The aim of these efforts was to bring people together to make a positive impact on society. It is important to choose a cause that aligns with your values and to plan the event in a way that is effective, engaging, and enjoyable for everyone involved, and that is exactly what our people gathered to do through the Sharamadana campaigns organized across the country.

Shramadana at Anuradhapura Railway Station

On the 75th Independence Day, the Anuradhapura locals were able to wash and clean almost 40 train carriages very successfully at Anuradhapura railway station. Understanding the mighty help that the railway provides for its people daily, the locals took it upon themselves to celebrate this important day, by completing an important and helpful task. This salient event was joined by the General Manager of Railways, the Deputy General Manager (Traffic) and the Chief Engineer (Motive) who provided apt permission for this Shramadana as per the local's request. The Deputy General Manager (Procurement) and Leo Club of Athugalpura provided the raw materials and equipment required for this effort on time. Also, to the members of the Sri Lankan Army also provided their valuable contribution in terms of labour to help out with the local's efforts. The Leo Club of Athugalpura, the staff of the Anuradhapura Railway Station and the Railway Station and Transport Authority Office who contributed with labour as well as food and drink, and the main staff provided oranges to make drinks were among the many hands involved in successfully completing this project.

Shramadana at Maho Railway Station

At the same time with the same intention, in conjunction with the 75th Independence Day, according to the instructions of the Anuradhapura Transport Authority, a Shramadana campaign was held at the Mahawa Railway Station with the participation of the Mahawa Chief Station Master, the Regional Secretary, the Mahawa Police Station Officer and the involvement of those staffs and the participation of around 200 villagers.

Shramadana at Batticaloa Railway Station

Proving the power of our loyal people all over again, a whole different part of the country took upon the same initiative. On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day, a Shramadana was organized at the Batticaloa Railway Station under the direction of the Chief Station Master as per the instructions of the Transport Superintendent Mr. Nirantha Vissundara.

While struggles may arise, we are bound by what makes all of us Sri Lankan, and a big part of it entails the love we bear for our motherland. We hope that the whole of Sri Lanka celebrated the 75th commemoration of our island as an independent nation peacefully and with pride. We take great pride in these Shramadana events, which not only give a loud remembrance of the unity we hold together but also of the power when we think and feel as one nation.

Photos from Nirantha Vissundara, Eranga Ekanayaka and Arunasalam Nilakshan

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