Rehabilitation of Maho - Vavuniya Railway line

Rehabilitation of Maho - Vavuniya Railway line

Improvements to railway line between Maho Junction Railway Station and Vavuniya Railway Station will be started soon to provide a fast, safe and reliable and punctual service for passengers and freight-related operations. More importantly, the railway line will be developed to run trains upto 100kmph.

Railway General Manager Mr. Dilantha Fernando said that the rail track will be closed for a period of 8 months starting from end of this year to complete the reconstruction of the railway line.

Accordingly, the first phase of this project aims to rehabilitate the 49 km line from Anuradhapura to Vavuniya and the second phase of 66 km from Maho Junction to Anuradhapura. The whole section will also include 5 km of loop lines.

This project will be launched under lines of credit from India.

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