Railway Workers to Begin Work-To-Rule Action

Railway Workers to Begin Work-To-Rule Action

Sri Lanka Railways Locomotive Engineers Association states that it has decided to launch a work-to-rule campaign from midnight 2019/09/19.

20 September, 21:57 PM

Railway Trade unions have called off the strike temporarily until 24th of September 2019.

20 September, 16:12 PM

20 September, 12:12 PM

20 September, 6:14 AM

Work-to-rule campaign is active.

There’s a delay in mainline due to a signal failure between Dematagoda and Colombo Fort.

Situation in Maradana due to signal failure. From Niroshan Panapitiya Hnp

19 September, 3:17 PM


At a press conference this afternoon, the Union stated that they would launch an indefinite strike from next Tuesday (24) if their demands are not met.

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