Railway Strike: Demands Salary Increments

Railway Strike: Demands Salary Increments

Several railway trade unions of Sri Lanka Railways (train drivers, train guards, train controllers, station masters, and railway supervisors) are currently engaged in a 48-hour railway strike.

Railway unions have made this decision due to failed discussions with the Finance Minister regarding the failure to implement the cabinet paper to remove existing salary anomalies of railway employees.


Railway Trade Unions have decided to call off their weekly token strike.



The 24-hour token strike is going on, few trains are running including office trains.


An Extraordinary Gazette declaring Sri Lanka Railways an essential service has been issued.

Railway Trade Unions to launch the token strike as planned. All the Nightmail trains except the Galle Nightmail train will be canceled.


According to the convener of the Alliance of the Railway Operation Supervisory Officers’ Union Lal Ariyaratne, arrangements have been made to resume normal railway operations from early this morning. He said that it was decided to hold a token strike every Thursday midnight until authorities provide solutions to their demands.

– NewsFirst


Government has drawn attention to declaring Railway service as an essential service under emergency regulations if Railway unions continue to engage in strike action.


Polgahawela Railway Station. Photo from Lakith M Karawita


Situation in Colombo Fort. Photo from Sanka Nerodha

Less than 10 office trains operated, 40 canceled since this morning; railway unions continue their strike badly.

Despite the strike, several office trains and slow trains are running and SLTB and Private bus union have made arrangements to deploy extra buses.

Photo from Thathsara Subhashitha
Photo from Thathsara Subhashitha

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