Colombo-Badulla Express Train

Colombo-Badulla Express Train

Colombo – Badulla Express train runs daily between Colombo Fort railway station and Badulla railway station.

General Information

Train nameColombo – Badulla Express Train
Train number1007 (Colombo Fort to Badulla)
1008 (Badulla to Colombo Fort)
Train typeExpress
Number of stops34
Journey duration9 hours 27 mins
Available classes1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class

The train is hauled by a Class M6 locomotive.

Train Timetable from Colombo Fort to Badulla

Train NoDeparture from Colombo FortReaching BadullaTrain Stops

Train Timetable from Badulla to Colombo Fort

Train NoDeparture from BadullaReaching Colombo FortTrain Stops

Places to Stay in Colombo

Places to Stay in Badulla

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