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Class S8

Another successful DMU in Sri Lanka. Class S8 sets were imported to Sri Lanka 12 year after the S7 was introduced. 20 sets of this kind were imported & these sets are significant in different facts. These sets consist of 5 units including a power car, 3 passenger coaches & a dummy car. These are the first sets which were fully manufactured abroad after Class S5. This was made under Japanese technology by HITACHI-Japan with the help of HYUNDAI-Korea. These DMUs have a massive acceleration power because of the MTU V12 396TC13 German prime mover.

Engine ClassS8
Built Country Japan + Korea
Builder Hitachi + Hyundai
Imported Year 1989
Power Type Diesel Hydraulic
Engine Type MTU V12 396TC13
Power Output1413hp – 1800RPM
Maximum Speed 88 km/h
Axel ArrangementB-B
LiveryOrange, Gray & White
Total Imported20 Power Sets

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