Class S7

Class S7

Class S7 DMUs’ came to Sri Lanka after few years S6 DMUs’ were imported. DMU’s were very popular among people due to the efficient service rendered by them. DMUs’ were mainly used for sub-urban & office trains because of the ease to control & less expenses. These reasons motivated SLR officials to import new DMUs’. These sets were similar to S6 sets in almost every feature.

Engine ClassS7
Built CountryJapan
Builder Hitachi
Imported Year 1977
Power Type Diesel Hydraulic
Engine Type Cummins KTA 2300L
Power Output 1020hp – 2100RPM
Maximum Speed 88 km/h
Axel ArrangementB-B
Weight54 T
Livery Green & Yellow, Green & Brown
Total Imported10 Power Sets

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