Class S1

Class S1

These units arrived Ceylon, Now Sri Lanka in 1938. Three units were given the names Silver Foam (501), Silver Spray (502) and Silver Mist (503). Their inaugural run from Colombo Fort Station to Galle took place on 25 February 1938.[3] These train-sets were used only on the Coastal Line (Sri Lanka). These train-sets served CGR for about 19 years and then all train-sets were scrapped in 1955.
In 1955, two diesel locomotives named Class M3 589 and 590 were built locally using the prime movers of scrapped S1 sets.

Engine ClassS1
Built Country England
Builder English Electric
Imported Year 1938
Power Type Diesel Electric
Engine Type Williams – H6 Type
Power Output 2 x 180 hp (130 kW)
Maximum Speed 55 mph (89 km/h)
Axel Arrangement Bo+2+2+2+Bo
Weight96.2 T
LiveryGreen & Silver
Total Imported3 Power Sets
501, 502, 503

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