Zero Chance Livery Wagons for Maho - Batticaloa Mixed Train

Zero Chance Livery Wagons for Maho - Batticaloa Mixed Train

As part of the "Zero Chance Campaign" by the Australian High Commission of Sri Lanka to promote safe migration to Australia, six railway wagons (TV-2, TC-4) were painted and repaired at Batticaloa running shed.

These wagons had their trial run yesterday(2023-07-26), and Maho-Batticaloa mixed train will operate with these wagons from today.

The campaign encourages passengers to make informed decisions about migration while discouraging illegal methods. This is a great way to spread the message of safe migration, making train journeys an opportunity to educate and create awareness among potential migrants.

Getting painted at Batticaloa RS
The livery
Photo from the trial run
Stop at Eravur during the trial
At GalOya junction
Batticaloa Intercity and newly painted wagons
Home Page - Zero Chance
Zero Chance of going to Australia by Boat! Australia’s borders are closed to illegal migration. There is only one way — with a valid Australian visa.

Photos are from Deshapriya S F Randil

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