Yal Devi Express Train Derailed Near Galgamuwa

Yal Devi Express Train Derailed Near Galgamuwa

Train No 4078, Colombo bound Yal Devi Express trained derailed between Galgamuwa and Ambanpola railway stations causing heavy damages to the railway line and compartments. (2019/11/27)

The cause of the accident remains unknown. Sri Lanka Railways confirmed 2 passengers sustained minor injuries. A total number of 5 compartments came off the track due to the derailment.

The northern railway line from Maho will remain closed until further notice.


Yal Devi Express train and Uttara Devi Intercity trains will run from Colombo Fort and Kankesanthurai. Sri Lanka Railways has arranged bus services between Maho and Galgamuwa railway stations.

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