Railway Strike: Demanding to Fire a Drunken Employee

Railway Strike: Demanding to Fire a Drunken Employee

An indefinite railway strike is being carried out by 85 Sri Lanka Railways unions to protest the undue pressure by the Ministry of Transport on the General Manager of the Railways to rehire an employee, who had been suspended for drunkenness during duty.

According to the unions, the General Manager of the Railways Dilantha Fernando has requested the Ministry Secretary to sign the suspension notice of the said employee several times but the Ministry has not done so yet.

2019/07/04 – 6:10 PM

Despite strike call off reports, no trains are operated from Fort. Gates are closed. Police is deployed.

2019/07/04 – 4:15 PM

Railway trade unions called off their strike, following discussions with the Transport Minister

2019/07/04 – 7:47 AM

Railway trade unions to continue with their ongoing strike, which commenced midnight yesterday; none of the trains operated this morning

2019/07/03 – 1:40 PM

Sri Lanka Railways GM has resigned due to external pressure to reinstate an employee suspended over being intoxicated. Some unions have warned they will go on strike from midnight today (Wed) unless the GM is reinstated and his disciplinary action upheld.

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