Safety Guidelines for Public Transport Commuters

Safety Guidelines for Public Transport Commuters

2020/04/19 @ 20:08 UPDATE: Expect train cancellations tomorrow (20). Trains will ONLY operate between Beliatta – Induruwa and Maho – Polgahawela. Trains will not stop at sub-railway stations.

2020/04/19 @ 20:08 UPDATE: The Department of Railways says that only those who have Office ID card and only season ticket holders can travel in trains from tomorrow (20). – Daily News

Some services of Public transportation will be resumed tomorrow (2020/04/20) with the curfew lift. Commuters are highly advised to follow safety guidelines while travelling on trains and buses to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

  • Strictly admitting passengers in essential services to buses or trains, no admission to others who may be tempted to travel such as visiting relatives
  • It is mandatory for passengers using trains and buses to wear face masks as instructed by the Health and security authorities.
  • Compulsory implementation of health recommendations such as spacing of one meter between persons
  • Avoid taking public transportation if any person has fever, cold or cough
  • Maximum of 50 commuters per railway compartment
  • Spitting inside stations, compartments and on tracks is prohibited
  • Selling inside railway stations and trains is prohibited

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