Railway Strike - September - October 2019

Railway Strike - September - October 2019

Railway Unions to launch an indefinite strike from midnight today ( September 25) over salary demands.

07 October, 13:31 PM

Good news after 12 days! Railway Trade Unions have decided to end the strike following a discussion with the President Maithripala Sirisena.

06 October, 22:46 PM

The Chairman of the National Elections Commission, Mahinda Deshapriya has requested to call off the on-going strike action of railway trade unions.

06 October, 13:14 PM

Minister of State for Transport Ashok Abeysinghe said that the request made by the Army Commander to train Army personnel as train drivers was approved.

05 October, 09:34 AM

Railway trade unions continue there strike action fo the 10th consecutive day. Some retired railway employees have joined the service on a daily contract basis as we heard.

03 October, 08:31 AM

Railway strike continues for the 8th day.

State Minister of Transport, Ashoka Abeysinghe stated that railway employees who do not return to work will be considered as those who have vacated from their positions. (2019/10/02)

Sri Lanka Railways operating few more trains from starting from today onwards. (2019/10/03)

From Thathsara Subhashitha

02 October, 07:31 AM

Railway strike completes one week. Still no proper solution from the Government. 9 trains operate despite the strike action.

An appreciation tweet about the railway officials who are on-duty during the railway strike

01 October, 06:56 AM

Disruption continues as the railway strike enters 6th day. Demands of railway trade unions will be presented during today’s cabinet meeting.

30 September, 06:36 AM

Here comes the 5th day. 8 office trains are running today.

29 September, 09:47 AM

Railway strike continues for the 4th day. Still no action from the relevant authorities.

28 September, 06:53 AM

The strike action launched by Railway Trade Unions over salary anomalies on last Wednesday (September 25) is still continuing.

27 September, 13:15 PM

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Ashok Abeysinghe stated that a special Cabinet meeting on the Railway Strike will be held today at 6.00 PM.

27 September, 07:35 AM

Railway strike continues. Locomotive Drivers Association has decided to operate 10 trains.

26 September, 23:26 PM

Railway strike to continue for the second day. All night mail trains canceled today.

26 September, 7:56 AM

Colombo Fort Railway station right now.

From Sri Lanka Railway Journal
From Sri Lanka Railway Journal

26 September, 7:46 AM

A limited number of trains are running due to the ongoing railway strike.

25 September, 9:22 PM

Leave of all SLTB employees canceled due to the planned trade union action by Railway Trade Unions from midnight today.

25 September, 5:31 PM

Railway Unions to launch an indefinite strike from midnight today (25) over salary demands.

25 September, 8:39 AM

According to Locomotive Engineers Facebook page, several Railway unions would launch a strike with effect from midnight today. (2019/09/25)

Reason for the strike is the failure to implement the cabinet paper that was approved to remove the salary anomalies of railway employees.

අද මධ්‍යම රාත්‍රියේ සිට දුම්රිය ධාවනය අත් හිටුවයි.දුම්රිය සේවයේ වැටුප් හා ශ්‍රේණි විශමතා ඉවත්කිරීමට අමාත්‍ය මණ්ඩලය…

Posted by Locomotive Drivers’ Official Media on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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