Military Personnel to Operate Trains?

Military Personnel to Operate Trains?

Minister of State for Transport Ashok Abeysinghe said that the request made by the Army Commander to train Army personnel as train drivers was approved. (2019/10/06)

However, the railway strike launched by railway trade unions on September 25th still continues. Even though the Government attempts to solve the issue by promising an increase in salaries of public servants by way of removing the anomalies, the trade unions are not willing to give up their strike campaign.

Sri Lanka Railways will be able to operate more trains tomorrow, especially for office commuters. (2019/10/07)

Back in 2018 August, the government decided to send a team of 50 military personnel to India to get trained as locomotive drivers following several railway strikes launched by railway trade unions. We don’t anything on the outcome of this training program yet.

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