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List of Trains Operating Again

Sri Lanka Railways has decided to operate some of the cancelled train services from today. (25)

We have updated the table accordingly and you can find the operating status in the “Status” column. We will update this post as we get the latest information.

Railway LineTrain NoTimeJourneyStatus
Main Line100106:30Colombo - BadullaNot Running
100207:20Badulla - ColomboNot Running
112706:00Maradana - PolgahawelaRunning
154908:50Polgahawela - ColomboRunning
114008:35Colombo - MirigamaNot Running
114609:30Colombo - MirigamaNot Running
153910:15Mirigama - ColomboNot Running
154610:50Mirigama - ColomboNot Running
115012:50Colombo - PolgahawelaRunning
114913:45Colombo - AmbepussaNot Running
115413:55Colombo - VeyangodaNot Running
156815:20Polgahawela - ColomboRunning
117415:20Veyangoda - ColomboNot Running
117315:50Ambepussa - ColomboNot Running
117517:40Colombo - PolgahawelaRunning
159220:05Polgahawela - ColomboRunning
Coastal Line874813:30Maradana - PanaduraNot Running
835515:00Panadura - MaradanaNot Running
8093/409305:50Beliatta - AnuradhapuraNot Running
Northern Line402105:10Mount Lavinia - KKSNot Running
402213:15KKS - Mount LaviniaNot Running
4094/809411:55Anuradhapura - BeliattaNot Running

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