How to Reserve Your Train Seat During Covid19?

How to Reserve Your Train Seat During Covid19?

Sri Lanka Railways is providing transport facilities for essential service workers during Covid-19 outbreak. Every commuter needs to be registered in order to use train services during this period.

Seat reservation procedure to be followed by Head of organization

1. Download the application from the below link.
2. Complete the application form and send to via your company email address.
3. Once approved, you will receive login details for Sri Lanka Railway Passenger Management System. (
4. Then you will be able to submit employee details by login into the system. (Currently available only for season ticket holders)

Reservations should be made before 6 PM Wednesday.

5. Receive seat reservation details by submitting employee information (Currently available only for season ticket holders)

Reservation information will be received between 6 PM Saturday – Sunday

Steps to be followed by the commuter

1. Produce the SMS to the officer at the Railway station.

You will be given a token once your information are verified.

2. Show the token to the security officer at the train platform .
3. Look for your seat and follow health instructions while your train journey.

You can find your seat yourself or ask for an officer to find your seat.

4. Keep the token with you until you finish your journey at the start station

Token will be used at the end station to verify your details. Tokens need to be handed over to the officer at the railway station. (where you started your journey)


Hotline Number

  • 1971

Other numbers

  • 0112432128
  • 0112431909
  • 0112446490

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