Get Ready To Welcome Class S14

Get Ready To Welcome Class S14

Sharing you the latest updates of Class S14 DMUs which delivered to Sri Lanka from China on 13th of August 2019.

Class S14s DMUs suppose to equip with new features although they look quite similar to Class S12 DMU design.

01 November – Class S14 Inaguaral Journey as Denuwara Menike

First intercity express train between Colombo and Badulla commenced today with Class S14 DEMU.

15 October – Class S14 Last Trial Run in Sri Lanka

Class S14 went to Kandy as its last trial run.

02 September – First Class S14 Trial Run in Sri Lanka

Class S14 went on a trial to Aluthgama.

13 August – First Class S14 Set Unloaded in Sri Lanka

Yay! It’s finally here!

12 August – Second Class S14 Set

Transporting Class S14 973 and 976 to a harbor in China

27 July – Delivery Date Confirmed


Class S14 delivery date confirmed. Expect delivery on 10th – 13th of August 2019Amara Manaram

19 July – Class S14 at Qingdao Fort

S14 971 and 972 ready to load at Qingdao port China (Photo from Amara Manaram‎)

First set of Class S14s (971-972) will be delivered to Sri Lanka before 20th of August 2019 – Amara Manaram

13 July – Feature Video on XH News

China Xinhua News

11 July – Air Suspension Bogies Confirmed

Class S14 bogies
Class S14 bogies with air suspensions

26 June – First Look of Class S14

Guard Room (A/C)
3rd Class (Unconfirmed)
2nd Class (Unconfirmed)
2nd Class

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Special thanks to Mr. Manura Peiris for sharing the photos.

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