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Coastal Line Timetable Changes – July 2020

Sri Lanka Railways has made temporary changes to Coastal Line and Puttalam Line. These changes will apply from July 1st to July 14th.

Train NoTrainOld TimeNew TimeTime Change / MinutesRun By
8716Maradana - Kalutara South Slow05:3705:42+5Daily
8724Maradana - Panadura Slow06:2606:28+2Except Sunday
8050Maradana - Beliatta Express06:3006:25-5Daily
8729Maradana - Panadura Slow07:5407:45-9Expect Sunday
8056Maradana - Beliatta (Galu Kumari Express)14:1514:30+15Daily
8749Maradana - Panadura Slow14:2514:10-15Daily
8064Maradana - Beliatta Express18:0518:10+5Saturday Only
8055Beliatta - Maradana (Dakshina Intercity)04:3003:45-45Daily
8097Beliatta - Maradana (Sagarika Express)04:4004:30-10Weekdays
8327Galle - Maradana (Samudra Devi Express)05:2005:10-10Daily
8063Hikkaduwa - Maradana Express05:2005:25+5Weekdays
8317Alutgama - Maradana Semi Express05:2005:25+5Daily
8319AGalle - Mount Lavinia Slow05:2505:30+5Saturday Only
8319BGalle - Mount Lavinia Slow05:2505:30+5Sunday Only
8319Galle - Mount Lavinia Slow05:4505:30-15Weekdays
8316Panadura - Maradana Slow06:3006:35+5Weekdays
8313Panadura - Maradana Slow06:5507:05+10Except Sunday
8326Kalutara South - Negombo Express07:0006:55-5Weekdays
8328Panadura - Maradana Slow07:3007:35+5Except Sunday
8325Moratuwa - Maradana Slow07:5007:42-8Weekdays
8335Panadura - Maradana Slow08:0508:25+20Daily
8331AMoratuwa - Maradana Slow08:1008:15+5Saturday Only
8330Ratmalana - Maradana Slow08:4009:15+35Weekdays
8329Moratuwa - Maradana Slow08:4008:43+3Except Sunday
8341Moratuwa - Maradana Slow09:0009:05+5Weekdays
8349Galle - Colombo Mixed09:0008:50-10Except Sunday
8346Mount Lavinia - Maradana Slow09:1509:35+20Except Sunday
8346Mount Lavinia - Maradana Slow09:4009:35-5Except Sunday
8719Alutgama - Galle Slow06:0506:20+15Daily
8377Beliatta - Maradana Slow16:2516:45+20Daily
8368Matara - Galle Slow17:0516:55-10Weekdays
  • Train from Colombo Fort to Panadura at 04:30 will run up to Wadduwa. It will return from Wadduwa at 06:00 and run up to Colombo and Ragama
  • Train from Matara to Maradana at 03:15 will run slow from Galle to Maradana
  • Samudra Devi Express train from Galle to Maradana will run slow from Galle to Alutgama
  • Weekday slow train from Galle to Kalutara South at 05:30 will run up to Mount Lavinia and it will return at 09:35 from Mount Lavinia to Alutgama
  • Galu Kumari Express train from Maradana to Beliatta at 14:30 will run slow from Galle to Beliatta
  • Weekday train from Alutgama to Maradana at 07:00 will leave Kalutara South at 07:34
  • Saturday Galu Kumari Express train from Beliatta to Maradana at 05:25 will leave Galle at 07:25
  • Train from Kalutara South to Negombo which leaves Colombo at 07:57 will run slow from Colombo to Ragama

  • Ruhunu Kumari Express train from Matara to Maradana at 06:05 will stop at stations as below.
StationNew Time
Kalutara South08:05
Ruhunu Kumari Express New Times
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