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Class M8

Sri Lanka Railways Class M8 is a class of Sri Lankan diesel-electric locomotive that was developed by Diesel Locomotive Works at VaranasiIndia,[2] in 1996. This class of locomotives was fitted with 2,800 hp (2,100 kW) V16 power units. This is used on both passenger and freight trains on Sri Lanka Railways. Currently[when?] this is the most powerful locomotive in Sri Lanka.[1]

Engine ClassM8
Built CountryIndia
Builder Diesel Locomotive Works
Imported YearM8 – 1996
M8A – 2001
Power Type ALCO 251-B
Engine TypeM8 V16 diesel
M8A V12 diesel
Power OutputM8(2,800 hp (2,100 kW))
M8A(2,200 hp (1,600 kW))
Maximum Speed 120 km/h (75 mph)
Axel ArrangementCo’Co’
Weight 112.8 tons
LiveryLight Blue and Dark Blue
Total ProducedM8 – 8
M8A – 2

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