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Air Conditioned Shuttle Train Service from Makumbura to Colombo Fort?

Reports say that Sri Lanka Railways is planning to launch a shuttle train service between Makumbura and Colombo Fort.

The proposed express shuttle service will use a Class S5 powerset (Hitachi Train) which has air-conditioned passenger carriages.

Sri Lanka Railways has 2 Class S5 powersets and they were originally imported to Sri Lanka from Japan in 1969 specially for tourism activities. A single powerset contains 3 passenger carriages and 100 seats per carriage.

Below are the photos from Class S5 720 powerset trial run (2019/07/15)

Class S5 720 at Makumbura
Ready to leave the station
Inside of an air-conditioned luxury carriage
Source Makumbura Railway Station මාකුඹුර දුම්රිය ස්ථානය
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