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Class M11

Imported from India under Line of credit (LOC) assistance*General InformationEngine ClassM11Built CountryIndiaBuilderDiesel Locomotive Works Varanasi, IndiaImported Year2018-2019Power TypeDiesel-electricEngine TypeEMD 12-710G 3CPower Output3000 HPMaximum Speed120 KMPHAxel ArrangementCo-CoWeight130 TLiveryDark Blue and Yellow colorTotal Imported10 (949-958) PhotosClass M11 951 trial

Class M10

Class M10 is a mainline diesel-electric locomotive built by Diesel Locomotive Works, India, which is the largest diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer in India, for Sri Lanka Railways and constructed in 2012. M10 is similar in appearance to DLW WDM3D but specifications are somewhat different. This is one of the longest locomotive types in Sri Lanka. These Locomotives are for the Sri Lanka Railways as part of the

Class M9

The Sri Lankan Railways M9 locomotive is a mainline 6 axle Co'Co' diesel electric locomotive built by Alstom (manufacturers code AD 32C) and imported in 2000 for the Sri Lanka Railways.The locomotives initially had both electrical and mechanicial problems, and several were out of service for several years. In 2010 the process of returning the fleet to service began.Engine ClassM9Built CountryFranceBuilder

Class M8

Sri Lanka Railways Class M8 is a class of Sri Lankan diesel-electric locomotive that was developed by Diesel Locomotive Works at Varanasi, India, in 1996. This class of locomotives was fitted with 2,800 hp (2,100 kW) V16 power units. This is used on both passenger and freight trains on Sri Lanka Railways. Currently this is the most powerful locomotive in Sri Lanka.Engine ClassM8Built CountryIndiaBuilder

Class M7

Class M7 is a type of diesel-electric locomotive built for Sri Lanka Railways by Brush Traction, UK, and imported in 1981. This locomotive has the shortest length, least power and least weight compared to other diesel locomotives of Sri LankaEngine ClassM7Built CountryGreat BritainBuilder Brush Traction Imported Year 1981Power Type GM 8-645E Engine TypeV8 2 stroke diesel Power Output994 hp (741 kW) Maximum

Class M6

Sri Lanka Railways M6 is a class of 16 Diesel-electric locomotives imported to Sri Lanka in 1979. Manufactured by Thyssen-Henschel in Kassel, West Germany, under licence from Electro-Motive Division of the United States. As an EMD G22M, it has a V12 EMD 645 engine rated at 1,650 hp (1,230 kW). Most are still in service. Very successful in upcountry line, since it

Class M5

Lightweight, yet powerful locomotive fleet of Sri Lanka RailwaysIntroductionClass M5 locomotives were imported in 1979 from Japan.ClassNumberRemarksService StatusM5C767In ServiceM5B768In ServiceM5A769Out of ServiceM5C770At RMLOut of ServiceM5C771In ServiceM5B772In ServiceM5773Met an accident in RambukkanaOut of ServiceM5774At RMLOut of ServiceM5C775Air brakes addedIn ServiceM5C776In ServiceM5B777In

Class M4

The Sri Lanka Railways M4 is a class of diesel-electric locomotive manufactured in Canada by Montreal Locomotive Works. Fourteen of the manufacturers' model MX-620 were imported in 1975.IntroductionClass M4 fleet considered one of the durable classes in Sri Lanka Railway after Class M2 fleet. All locomotives are currently in service.These diesel electrics were manufactured in Canada by MLW (now owned

Class M3

In 1955 the state owned Ceylon Government Railway, now the Sri Lanka Railways, manufactured Sri Lanka's "first" diesel-electric locomotive using old spares of withdrawn Class S1 DMU power sets.IntroductionSri Lanka's first-ever powerset was brought to Sri Lanka in 1938. However, these powersets were withdrawn from service due to rapid degradation. Mechanical components of these powersets were in good

Class M2

Sri Lanka Railways received Class M2 locomotive fleet from Canada under "Colombo Plan Aid - From Canada" between 1954-1966.IntroductionGeneral Motors EMD, made multi-purpose G8, G9 and G12 based Class M2 locomotives are considered as the most successful locomotives in Sri Lanka Railway history. Class M2 locomotives are also called as "Canadian Warriors".There are one main class and 4 subclasses (a,b,c,d)

Class M1

The Class M1 locomotives were built in Loughborough, UK by Brush Bagnall Traction LTD between 1952 - 1955.Sri Lanka Railways (CGR) had 25 locomotives in their Class M1 fleet. Class M1 locomotives were introduced in 1953 ( B.D Rampala's Era). Class M1 locomotives served Sri Lanka Railways for about 31 years. The lack of spare parts, high maintenance costs, and insufficient traction made Sri Lanka

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